Galleria  Any mall in which a multitude of knick-knacks has been gathered.

God-given Talent  An ability with which the supposed creator of the universe has favored an athlete so that he might buy mansions, swimming pools and hookers.

Hippy  1. One who protests for the right to be free of inconveniences. 2. That which does not work. 3. One who has convinced himself that that which is to his personal advantage is also ethical. See Conservative.

I Can’t Recall  A phrase that means, in politics, I am guilty of that which I am accused.

Immaculate Conception  A conception without mess or pleasure, thus considered by Christians to be optimum.

Jack-of-all-trades  See Unemployment.

Job  A character in the Old Testament whom Jehovah made miserable simply because he could. The word now means source of employment with the employer taking on the
role of Jehovah.

Justice, The Struggle for  The desire of the oppressed to become the oppressors.