Large  Medium
Extra-Large   Large
Extra-Extra-Large   Large
Extra-Extra-Extra-Large  Extra Large

Lie  The truth told by democrats as reported by republicans
(and vice verse). See Surrealism.

Life  A collection of unnecessary encumbrances
and monstrous oversights.

Life-style  That which one affects in absence of having a life.

Lite  A term used on products to attract those who like to indulge and yet still be self-righteous.

Male Bonding  A procedure that presupposes that it is
not enough for males simply to enjoy each other’s
company but that they must become uncomfortable
and imbecilic besides.

Marry  To register your relationship with church and state.

Mayor  A town official. The word derives from a Latin word meaning: one who is about to purchase a large expanse
of profitable real estate