Sex  To atheist heathens, one of the exemplar ways humans show love and affection for one another. To the religious, how human reproduction is accomplished.

Shakespeare  A writer of the late sixteenth/early seventeenth century known for his perfection of the aphorism.

The descendents of Edward de Vere
began claiming their Ed was Shakespeare;
their money was spent
when their Earldom went,
now they’re hoping for royalties from Lear.

Sinner  He who is acting as you would act had you the gumption.

Small Talk  An activity that allows those who have nothing worth saying to say it.

Smoke Detector  An ingenious device invented to alert homeowners that they are making toast.

Spanking  The sound of one hand clapping. See Zen.

Spoiled Child  A child whose parents have bought him something you cannot afford to buy yours.